Rare Beatles Tray?

We’ve had a comment from a visitor that i felt would benefit from going on here as a main article – can you help?

Just stumbled on this website while Googling for Worcester Ware. I spent a few months at Rock Valley during my student Apprenticeship, so I knew there had been some such production. I eventually retired after 40 odd years, mainly at Shipley.

Sad to see the end of the well known Clock Tower landmark. Looking at the photo of the demolition site the streets around  look familiar. Wasn’t there a chip shop on the road going across the top?

Now to the point – does anyone remember the Beatles Tray (and perhaps Coasters) produced about 1963/4? I’ve been asked by a writer (researching a book on early Beatles merchandise) for some detailed background, such as who designed it, manufacture and distribution. Also who negotiated the manufacturing license awarded to Metal Box. Can anyone help? Is there likely to be anyone working in the company who might have access to such records?

Any info appreciated.

Im not sure about the chip shop (before my time) but its quite possible! I hope we can help you find some info on the Beatles Trays!

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