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  • Hello my name is Raymond Preston.I am an ex employee from the Palmers Green factory back in 1994,the factory re-located to Rock Valley in Mansfield Notts whilst there I was given a tea tray decorated with Disney characters. Unfortunately after continuous use the tray has become scratched so if at all possible could you please send a replacement tray I am completely willing to pay for said tray so if at all possible please would you send a replacement.

  • Hello i have a set of 3 trays and matching biscuit barol that was made some time in the 1950 i think. it is black and gold with a chines design on it. my mum worked on making them and everyone that did work on the set was given a set. my mum left it to me when she passed away i would love to find out more about it and wondered if you could help.

  • The clock tower is now owned by a development company that are redeveloping the site, so you would have to contact them im afraid buddy

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