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  • Great site mate, have lived in mansfield all my life, such a shame to see this site go. Had a look around what was left of it a few days ago, basically most of it is rubble apart from the main clock tower building which is falling to pieces.

  • I was born in Mansfield and I now run the Cumbria Clock Company which specialises in all aspects of work connected with public clocks ( )
    I would be more then happy to attend free of charge and without obligation and supply the relative report and quotations regarding the restoration of the clock.

  • I remember doing the maintainence in the 1980’s early 1990’s for Greybeam. I have some fond memories of working at MB.

  • Hello Keith Scobie-Youngs
    My name is Adam Chapman i’ve just read your comment on this site. I’ve been emailing the owners who own the former Metal Box site about the clock tower to keep it up and restore it back to life. Now if you want i will give you his email address and his name is daniel walker the email address is [email protected]

  • Hi, I note an old Metal Box friend who gave me my first introduction to Soudronic welders back in 1981 has commented on your site. Could you possibly give me Keith Skermer’s email address, or get him to contact me at my email adddress. Would love to catch up with him.

  • I have very fond memories of Metal Box, and looking at some of the photos brings a lot of them flooding back. I think it’s quite sad that the old Rock Valley site was demolished, but then we all have to move on.
    I would love to meet up with some of the people I was fortunate to have known, especially the guys from Slitting where I worked for so many years.
    Kind regards.

  • Hi Bob,

    Can you link me or point out where his comment is? Cant find it.

    Happy to link you up 🙂

  • Hi
    I worked at Metal Box at Rock Valley after a transfer from Sutton in 1970 till 1975 as a Blanker on the Tom Thumb line target an hour was 2020 ,my uncle worked in the same room as an engineer,my friends worked in the same room on presses Jackie, Kathy and Denise,and Freddie Lol Brown,and Cyril Repton, don’t know how long they worked there for as moved abroad if any of you are still going strong, still remember you all with fondness.

  • I worked at MB and I was the idiot who ran the fork-lift into the sprinkler pipes (water everywhere) Also when taking a load of tin out side I collided with some pallets which contained a wasp nest. One flew up my trouser leg and luckily stopped at my knee before it stung me. No hum. I worked with Johnny Horne and Andy and I remember Judit Hurja. Had a stroke 9 years ago so my memory is not a good as it should be.

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