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Welcome to the Mansfield Metalbox Tribute website, dedicated to the awesome site on which the metalbox factory was built. The site has an amazing history, and is nearing the end of its life due to its inhabitants (Barringers/CMB/Carnaud Metal Box/Crown) moving out after being situated there for over 100 years.

The site has become unsafe in parts, and costs a lot of money to run due to poor insulation and leaky roof’s – so Crown have moved to a new site, leaving the old place to be re-developed by its new owner.

This website is a tribute to the old site, there is/will be photographs that we’ve taken, news, reports and stories that have been submitted by people who worked their, lived there or just know a cool story about Metalbox and its crazy history 🙂

9 thoughts on “Website Started!

  • Oliver
    Very good i wish I could of taken you round before we started to move and you could of taken photos before and after but for people who have worked at ‘Barringers’ it will be a very good memory of the site.
    Once again well done

  • Great site, I didn’t work at CMB for long, but I have great memories.
    Best of luck for the future.

  • I started part time work (07.00-12.00) at metal box in the summer of 1976; my first job was working in seamless one, on the body belt of one of the cafe crème lines. Basically removing and then putting these bodies on the belt so they fed into the auto part of the line were the bodies are attached to the lids coming from the other side, the noise was incredible.

  • now live in southport and only just picked up this site..started at barringers fresh from raf service in march/april 1948 and worked in commercial office untiltransfer to head office 1956…….if any names or details about the business are required for this period i might be able to help

  • I worked at metal box as a temp whilst I was training in Accountancy. I really loved it. Now I’m a lecturer in vehicle refinishing and look at my time there very fondly, I think my time there had sparked my intrest in metal work . I was so so sad to see the news this morning. All the best with this site.
    Thank you

  • Worked there for 2 summers (probably 89-90) when i was a student. I was counting my blessings today, being employed at a successful financial software company in the States, and trying to convince a colleague that we have it really good here. Then i remembered back to the days at CMB, every minute of which I disliked very much. Overall, I think it helped me put perspective on what working choices are (or aren’t) available for some people. Hated the job (mostly on the whiskey lines) but i would hve to say the people were great. It’s funny, but i can’t look at the liquor bottles in the duty freee at the airport without thinking of my two summers there, and it will be sad to consider that those great cases aren’t made in Mansfied anymore..

  • I worked at metalbox from when I left school in 2000 as a temp for abour 6 years on and off and I loved the place, That is where I met my partner his mum worked there too (anne vernon), we have been together 9 years this year, I couldn’t believe it closed…..

  • Hi i worked here from 1987 to 1995 absolutely loved this place and had worked in every department on every machine possible, met some great friends along the way too.

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