Fond Memories of Metalbox

I thought i’d post this as a blog entry as its a really nice insight into ancient metalbox

I only just found out today that MetalBox was being knocked down from my wife. My dad worked in the tool room from 1980 when it was on the ground floor in the main building until about 5 or 6 years ago when it was on the top floor next to maintenance under the clock tower. I personally worked in all departments on the shop floor for three or four years around 1995 to 1999 on and off, mostly in the Press Shop on the whiskey lines, Crosslands filters and the Skip cookers. I also spent a lot of time on the Altoids and Kiwi lines. Although the work day was mostly monotonous I still look back on my time there fondly. I was always fascinated by the machinery from being a child and I remember going in as a kid to pick up my dad’s wage packets, walking down the hall-of-fame and going to the old games room with the billiards and snooker tables.

I’m gutted to hear it’s been knocked down. Do you know what’s happening with the site and where they’ve move MB to?

Thanks for the site


Well Anthony I can tell you that Crown have now moved to Crown Farm Industrial Estate, and I can also tell you the old site has been bought by a well known local developer and there has been numerous things suggested for the use of the site over the last year however I have seen some images that show what the site will more than likely be used for – but im sworn to secrecy for now!

As soon as i can get them (and am allowed to)  I will post them here for everyone to see.

Thanks for your email!


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  • Worked inthe accounts section from 1955 -1974 when I transferred to sutton and retired in 1986.Chief Wages Clerk after Syd Slackl and finally Head of wages nand Office Services including purchase of Office Furniture.
    Remember the old Ledgers in the strong room going back to the time 0f 2/6d per week.
    Also remember the Beatle Trays I purchased one,but think I sent it to the states.

  • Hello,

    Fond memories of the company. My dad V.I.Kailasam, worked with The Metal Box Company of India Limited and took a voluntary retirement. It is sad that such a great company had to close down. Are we to blame the plastic revolution for this and now that plastics are shunned by the entire world for its environmental hazards, can we really look for Metal Box Company to revive and re-emerge ! I still keep a Rolex watch presented by the company to my dad for distinguished service ! Guys , I myself is nearing retirement !!!really fond childhood memories for me.

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