The Royal Visit and More!

A big thanks to David Hughes who has sent us this lovely little bit of history about the Mansfield Metalbox site, right back to when it was Barringers, Wallace and Manners – so a couple of years ago!

My Grandpa, Leslie Wass, worked at Metal Box for 39 years (from the Barringers, Wallace and Manners Days). I think he ended up being the General Manager. My Uncle, James Wass, worked there as Commercial Manager, and my Auntie, Vivien Wass, worked in the Accounts Department.

Have attached some photos – hope of interest. One is my Grandpa’s retirement, one showing the First private car in Mansfield, 1898. In the car are Charles Manners (Barringer, Wallis & Manners – Metal Box) and W. J. Chadburn (founder Director of Mansfield Brewery and Mayor 1899) and the other when decorated for the visit of King George V and Queen Mary on Thursday, 25th June 1914. After the visit, the King asked for samples of tin box manufacture to be sent to Buckingham Palace.

He also sent some photos – thanks David!

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  • My Father was works manager at Barringer’s from 1946 to about 1960.I often visited the factory with him and he told me lots about the company and what they did.I was introduced to a Mr.Wass who I understand had previously worked for the Duke of Portland.

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