Metalbox during WW1 and WW2

We had an email from s0meone interested in what the old metalbox site was used for during the 2 world wars, i got my contact to do some reasearch and this is what she found;

Hello Lorna

Thank you for visiting the Mansfield Metalbox site – we hope you liked it.

As regards your comment on the activities at the site during the two World Wars, I have enclosed an extract from a book which gives you an idea of what the factory was involved in during those times. I hope this answers your question.

Another point of interest on these pages is the reference to Charles Fletcher and his time with the company. As you will see he was the man who designed the Quality Street tin over 100 years ago and which is still used today.

With kind regards

You can download the extract from the book herebuy the book here!

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  • Hi I was hoping to put a page on wikipedia about an incredible artist who worked at the metal box factory. His name is George Herbert Pettinger Peet. He was apparently the designer given the job of of designing the box for soldiers chocolates in the Boer war in 1900. I wonder if there is any way of seeing what other work he did. He wrote the most incredible “welcome into the world” letter to his grand daughter and has left a heritage of his artwork which is quite impressive. Are you aware of any records of this man please ?

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