Posted by Olly July 29th, 2015

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  1. J.Michael.E.Hayes Says:

    I started as Toolmakers Apprentice in 1948 – I recognise many faces – and suppose most of those on this photograph are known by name and employed position.
    I see – front row 2nd from left Noel Fenton and 9th from left Ch.Draughtsman Jack Smith
    2nd Row flanking Les Ross – left ??Gledhill and right M.D.Ian? McGregor – he had a black mk6 Bentley – does anyone know its Registration ???
    3rd row 3rd from left is Ch Engr Howard Beadsmore(Beardsmore??)
    4th row 11th from left my first foreman in the toolrom-George Davin
    5th row 3rd from right – Frank Smith foreman of what we then called “the heavy gang” – – he made me pay two shillings and sixpence for a bench vice I rescued from the scrap skip – seemed expensive – but probably the bargain of my life since I still have it and use it – -Mike Hayes

  2. Clare Hickman Says:

    My Grandfather i think is on the 4th row up,9th from the left a
    Mr John W Allen. He was married to Bessie Boden who worked there till around 1935.

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